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Oracle CRSCTL easy reference

Oracle CRSCTL easy reference

You can find below various commands which can be used to administer Oracle Clusterware using crsctl. This is for purpose of easy reference.

Start Oracle Clusterware

#crsctl start crs

Stop Oracle Clusterware

#crsctl stop crs

Enable Oracle Clusterware

#crsctl enable crs

It enables automatic startup of Clusterware daemons

Disable Oracle Clusterware

#crsctl disable crs

It disables automatic startup of Clusterware daemons. This is useful when you are performing some operations like OS patching and does not want clusterware to start the daemons automatically.

Checking Voting disk Location

$crsctl query css votedisk

0. 0 /dev/sda3
1. 0 /dev/sda5
2. 0 /dev/sda6
Located 3 voting disk(s).

Note: -Any command which just needs to query information can be run using oracle user. But anything which alters Oracle Clusterware requires root privileges.

Add Voting disk

#crsctl add css votedisk path

Remove Voting disk

#crsctl delete css votedisk path

Check CRS Status

$crsctl check crs

Cluster Synchronization Services appears healthy

Cluster Ready Services appears healthy

Event Manager appears healthy

You can also see particular daemon status

$crsctl check cssd

Cluster Synchronization Services appears healthy

$crsctl check crsd

Cluster Ready Services appears healthy

$crsctl check evmd

Event Manager appears healthy

You can also check Clusterware status on both the nodes using

$crsctl check cluster

raclinux1 ONLINE

raclinux2 ONLINE

Checking Oracle Clusterware Version

To determine software version (binary version of the software on a particular cluster node) use

$crsctl query crs softwareversion

Oracle Clusterware version on node [raclinux1] is []

For checking active version on cluster, use

$ crsctl query crs activeversion

Oracle Clusterware active version on the cluster is []

As per documentation, multiple versions are used while upgrading.

There are other options for CRSCTL too which can be seen using



$crsctl help

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