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What to check when an export “hangs”

What to check when an export “hangs”

If you are running Data Pump export, and it is hanging when exporting the object definitions and you are exporting the SYS and SYSTEM objects, but I don’t know how to diagnose the hanging issue in export what will you check when Oracle hangs while exporting object definitions?

Hanging in export can occur for a variety of reasons.  You can check v$session_wait for details, or run a 10046 trace to see exactly what’s wrong.

Common causes of exp hanging when exporting cluster or object definitions include:

– According to MetaLink note : 351650.1, check your LD_LIBRARY_PATH set improperly, without ORACLE_HOME/lib first

– There are known issues with “full” exports hanging when exporting SYS and SYSTEM objects. Some recommend running utlrp.sql to re-compile all objects to remedy an export hang.  If you don’t need to export the SYS and SYSTEM objects, I would simply redo it, specifying the exact schemas to export.

– Exports can hang if it runs out of disk space, especially on a 32-bit system with a 2-gig file size limit.  In this case, you need to run the split command to split out the dump file.

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