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Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) considerations

Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) considerations
The Oracle Cluster Registry’s (OCR) purpose is to hold cluster and database configuration information for RAC and Cluster Ready Services (CRS) such as the cluster node list, and cluster database instance to node mapping, and CRS application resource profiles. As such, the OCR contains all configuration information for the Oracle 11g Clusterware, including network communication settings where the Clusterware daemons or background processes listen as well as the cluster interconnect information for 11g RAC network configuration and the location for the 11g Voting Disk.
The OCR must be stored on either shared raw devices or OCFS/OCFS2 (Oracle Cluster Filesystem, approved NFS or supported cluster filesystem) within an Oracle 11g RAC environment. One quick way to check the status and details for the OCR with the 11g Clusterware is to issue the OCRCHECK command as shown below:

[oracle@raclinux1 ~]$ ocrcheck
Status of Oracle Cluster Registry is as follows :
Version                  :          2
Total space (kbytes)     :     297084
Used space (kbytes)      :       3852
Available space (kbytes) :     293232
ID                       : 2007457116
Device/File Name         : /dev/raw/raw5
Device/File integrity check succeeded
Device/File Name         : /dev/raw/raw6
Device/File integrity check succeeded

Cluster registry integrity check succeeded

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