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Upgrade Oracle 11g RAC RDBMS to

Upgrade Oracle 11g  RAC RDBMS to

Here we will illustrate the steps to upgrade Oracle RAC to  This is patch 6890831.

Download the patch and unzip to a staging directory. Stop the Oracle processes started from the Oracle home to be patched.  Run the OUI from the stage directory issuing the command


Once OUI starts press Next to continue

Select  Oracle home to patch and press  Next to continue.

Here a registration with Oracle Metalink can be made. Register an E-mail. Press Next.

Select the RAC Linux nodes for the installation and press Next.

Press Next after successful completion of the prerequisite checks. If the prerequisite checks failed fix the problem and restart OUI.

Select Install to start the patching.

Wait for the installation to completes.

You will be prompted to rub scripts as root Linux user.

After executing the scripts as root Linux user press OK.

You are notified for the successful patch installation.

This concludes that patching is successfull for the binaries. We can look at the RDBMS patching.

Stay tuned.

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