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Creating RAC database in Oracle 11gR2

Creating RAC database in Oracle 11gR2

We will create two node Oracle 11gR2 database

Start the dbca and select Create Oracle RAC database.

Select create a database. Please note that ASM instance configuration operation must be performed from asmca from Oracle grid infrastructure home.

Select the type of the database to be created and press Next.

Select the type of the database, database name and the nodes that belongs to the cluster.

Select the option to configure the Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM).  Press Next to continue.

Select username and passwords for all of the users from the list.

Specify the storage location and press Next.

Specify the recovery options for the database and press Next.

Specify the database components for the installation.

Specify the sizing for the RAC database. Press Next to continue.

Examine the database storage. Press Next to continue.

Select create database and optionally generate database generation scripts. Press Finish to continue.

Summary is created to review and to confirm. Press OK to continue.

Once started we will look at the database creation progress.

We are looking as the database creation progresses.

Once database creation completes we will see the information related to log file location, database names, EM Database control URL etc…

Next screen enable you to lock/ unlock database username and / or change the password.

Pressing Exit will complete the two node 11gR2 database installation.

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