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Installing Oracle RAC 11gR1 ( RDBMS software on Linux OEL 5.3

Installing Oracle RAC 11gR1 (  RDBMS software on Linux OEL 5.3

We initiate an interactive install by logging into raclinux1 as the oracle user and start the Oracle installer:
Click on Next to continue on the Welcome screen:

Select Enterprise Edition option and press Next to continue:

Select the Oracle Base and Oracle home for the RDBMS installation. Once you have completed this, press Next to continue:

Select the Cluster Installation mode then select the additional node where the installation will take place. Make sure all nodes are selected. The current node from where the OUI is invoked is selected by default:

OUI performs all the prerequisite checks. Wait, while the checks are done. If you have any failures, correct them and re-try the tests to ensure all requirements are met before pressing the Next button:

From the Select Configuration option, Select Configure Automatic Storage Management (ASM) and enter the password for the SYS user of the ASM instance and press Next to continue. If we choose the install software only option ASM will not be created by OUI and we will need to create ASM using dbca utility after completion of the installation.

Check on the Change Disk Discovery Path… from the Configure Automatic Store Management and specify /dev/sd*.

Click Next:

Press the Next button to avoid Oracle Configuration Manager Registration:

On the Summary screen, press Install to continue:

Press Install.

Wait until the database software gets installed.

Wait until the assistants complete. And run the script from $ORACLE_HOME of each of node involved in the installation:

We log in as root Linux use and from $ORACLE_HOME directory execute the script. The output is as follows.

If we have opted not to have an ASM installed now after completion of the RDBMS install we can do it using the database configuration assistant (dbca). Please refer to  ASM creation during RDBMS database creation. We can also create an ASM independently using dbca and the steps Oracle Real Application Clusters database -> Configure Automatic Storage Management.

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