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Patching Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control to on OEL 5.4 from Oracle EM Grid Control

Patching Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control to on OEL 5.4 from Oracle EM Grid Control

The article will look at patching Oracle EM Grid Control to version There are two components that we will cover.

  1. Patching OMS
  2. Patching the agent

Patching OMS

From the patch stage directory we start runInstaller. Select the OMS Oracle Home and press Next to continue.

Enter your details and press Next to continue.

Wait for the pre-installation checkups to finish. If there are errors that will prevent you from the installation fix the errors. If you are sure that is safe to continue press Next to continues.

Stop the Oracle EM Grid Control issuing the command below.

./emctl stop oms

Wait for 5 minutes. Press Next to continue.

Enter the password when prompted and press Next to continue.

You are prompted that the Oracle Applications middle-tier will be shutdown. Acknowledge it by pressing OK. Wait for a while and press Next for the upgrade to continue.

Examine the summary. Take a note of the availability of resources and actions that are about to take place. Press Install to continue.

Installation starts and the progress of the update can be monitored. Wait for the installation/upgrade to complete.

Once the upgrade completes you are prompted to run as a root the specified script. Open a new terminal session and execute the scripts.

After executing the scripts as root acknowledge their execution by pressing OK and press Next to continue. The screen snows all configuration assistants that need to be run. Please be patient for the configuration to complete.

After the successful completion of the configuration you will be informed for the final status. If you require the steps do as it advised. Press Exit to exit the upgrade.

Patching the Agent

In this section we will look at agent patching. Run the runInstaller from the staging area that accommodating the patch. Enter the agent Oracle Home.

After entering the agent Oracle Home press Next to continue the upgrade the Oracle EM agent. Enter the details specific for your configuration or leave it for configuring it later.

Wait until OUI completes pre-installations verifications and check up. Fix the errors prior to moving further on. Press Next to continue.

After all the pre-install verifications and checkups are successful press Next to continue. The Summary screen will show you the products to be installed and the resource status. If resources are available and this is what you need press Install to start the upgrade process.

The installation starts to perform the upgrade. Once upgrade is completed you will be asked to execute a shell scripts as a root. Execute the scripts from another terminal session while logged as a root and acknowledge it by pressing OK. Press Next to continue.

This will show you that the agent upgrade has complete successfully. Press Exit button to exit the upgrade process.


We looked at upgrading the Oracle EM Grid Control from to We step-by-step walked through the upgrade process for both OMS and EM GC agent.

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