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Using DBUA for upgrade to

Using DBUA for upgrade to

This is a brief post, originating from an earlier request, related to using DBUA for database upgrade to Screenshots in the posts are on Windows platform but the concept is similar on Linux/Unix.

Start DBUA. Press Next.

Select the database to upgrade. Make sure that the database version supports direct upgrade. Here I have, and and all of them maintain direct upgrade. For details see (Oracle 11gR1 Upgrade Companion [ID 601807.1], 10g Upgrade Companion [ID 466181.1] and Oracle 11gR2 Upgrade Companion [ID 785351.1]). Here 11gR1 database is selected. If a direct upgrade is possible dbua is doing all the work for us and the screens are similar regardless of the database version as far as a direct upgrade is supported.

Accept the Warning. It is related to the Ultra Search de-support in 11gR2and the lack of ability to downgrade the OEM Database Control after the upgrade.

Select the degree of parallelism to be used for recompilation of invalid objects (equivalent of running the utlrp.sql), upgrade of the time zone and the option to backup the database.

Select the option to move the data files as part of the upgrade. Select a file system as a target location and press Next.

Review the Upgrade summary and press Finish for the upgrade to start.

The ordered list of actions and their progress appears on the screen. Wait until completion.

When 100% of the work is done press OK to see the results.

Here is a summary of the performed upgrade. Press Close to exit.

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