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Managing OEM Database Control with emca for RAC 11gR2

Managing OEM Database Control with emca for RAC 11gR2

In the article you will have a look at using emca with Oracle RAC for managing OEM DC. OEM Database control can be configured either with dbca or with emca.

Starting with Oracle 10gR1 RAC upon configuring OEM DC one DC console and agent was running on each node of the cluster. After Oracle 10gR2 the behavior changed so that by default a console is started only on the node where dbca or emca was started to configure OEM DC. However, OEM DC is configured to run on each of the cluster nodes where RAC database has configured instances ( 11gR2 administrator-managed). Starting OEM DC starts OEM DC console and the agent on the default node, whereas on the all other nodes only OEM agent is started. Oracle RAC also supports running OEM DC consoles on more than one node, though it makes sense on multi-nodes clusters.

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Upgrade to Oracle from Oracle – Part II (Solaris 10 x86-64)

Upgrade to Oracle from Oracle – Part II (Solaris 10 x86-64)

In this article you will have a look at the guidelines and steps to upgrade Oracle GI and RDBMS to from The database will be upgraded using dbua. The configuration is a two node Solaris 10 x86-64 cluster described here. For Linux based upgrade to Oracle from Oracle here.

For smooth upgrade to it is worth to look at MOS for patches that need to be applied to an existing GI home prior to the upgrade. At the time of the writing patch 9706490 was necessary to be applied to the existing Oracle GI home.

In brief, comes as a patch 10098816 downloadable from MOS. Starting with onward all patch sets will be a full installation. Oracle supports GI upgrade as an out of place upgrade only. RDBMS upgrade is recommended to be out of place upgrade. In the article both GI and RDBMS will be upgraded in a new GI and RDBMS Oracle homes.

Useful MOS notes.

  1. Pre-requsite for to ASM Rolling Upgrade [ID 1274629.1]
  2. How to Proceed from Failed Upgrade to 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure on Linux/Unix [ID 969254.1]

Download and unzip the following patches in a stage area:

  • 10098816 – Oracle
  • 6880880 – OPatch.
  • 9706490 – prerequisite for successful upgrade
  • 12311357 – Latest patch to as of the time of the article.

Failure to patch the GI home with patch 9706490 will produce some errors during the course of OUI.

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