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Install Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Cloud Control 12c on OEL 6.1

Install Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Cloud Control 12c on OEL 6.1

Oracle announced recently at OOW 2011 the release of the brand new re-engineered OEM Cloud Control 12c (c stands for the cloud). This is the first product from the 12c family of products intended for the cloud. At present, as of the time of the writing of the article, OEM 12c is only available for download for Linux x86 (32bit) and Linux x86-64 (64bit) from OTN.

In the article you will have a look at  how to prepare the OEL 6.1 and subsequently install OEM 12c on OEL 6.1. OEM 12c requires a repository database. In the article Oracle database is used a repository. I will provide pointers to MOS or Oracle documentation for supported OS and repository database versions.

Select a supported OS and install supported Oracle database for repository. MOS maintains a list of certified platforms and products for a product. For OEM 12c you will be interested in

  1. Certified OS for installation
  2. Certified Oracle database for repository
  3. Certified targets

Always check the certification matrix as it is updated as new supported OS are added and new inter-operability database patches are added.

Oracle® Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Basic Installation Guide
12c Release 1 ( also
contains a list of prerequisites for
OEL and repository database. The complete set of OEM 12c documentation is available here.

In the article the following software products will be used.

  1. Oracle 11gR2 ( for Linux (x86-64). Patch 10404530. Download from MOS here.
  2. Oracle Enterprise Linux OEL 6.1(x86-64). Download from here.
  3. Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1.4. Download from here.
  4. Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 1 ( Download from here.

In the article I will reuse the OEL61 VM created here to install OEM 12c and will outline the steps to follow if you start from a new OEL 6.1 installation. Proceed for OS configuration and OEM 12c installation once you are on supported OS and have a supported Oracle RDBMS database for an OEM repository.

Installation of OEL 6.1 and Oracle GI and RDBMS and creating RAC database is covered here.

A complete prerequisite check list can be found here. In the article an assumption is made that an Oracle RDBMS is created for a repository prior to OEM 12c installation. The database in this article is RAC
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